Security Engineer focusing on threat analysis, secure coding practices.

As an Application Security Engineer, I specialize in fortifying WordPress security, integrating secure coding standards in line with OWASP Top 10, and have experience in cybersecurity research, vulnerability assessments, and implementing secure coding practices across various roles in the field.

Work Experience

Human Health Project logo

Human Health Project

Application Security Engineer

As an Application Security Engineer at Human Health Project, I lead the implementation of secure coding practices, conduct threat modeling exercises, support the design and implementation of security awareness training programs, and drive compliance efforts for GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

Axle Informatics logo

Axle Informatics

Cybersecurity Research Associate

My responsibilities included conducting manual and automated code reviews, collaborating with development teams to integrate security tools into CI/CD pipelines, and participating in adversarial security analysis exercises to identify potential weaknesses in applications and infrastructure.

Synopsys, Inc logo

Synopsys, Inc

Associate Security Consultant

My responsibilities included implementing automated security testing, conducting manual code reviews, and assisting clients with threat modeling activities to enhance cybersecurity measures.

Virtusa Corporation logo

Virtusa Corporation

Associate Engineer - Technology

As an Associate Engineer in Technology, I focused on researching, identifying, and implementing top 10 best security practices for all system and service deployments. Additionally, I supported the development and implementation of security automation scripts and tools to streamline repetitive security tasks and enhance overall efficiency within the development lifecycle.